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Work With Me: Coaching, Webinars, Organizational Consulting


Want to Become a Stronger Leader?

Becoming a stronger leader is a choice.  It’s the culmination of one’s motivation, education, vision, training, skill development and experience.  Coaching can provide you the support to master the skills and abilities you need to become a more resourceful and effective leader.

Developing your leadership results in optimizing your health, well-being, relationships, team-building, success and prosperity.  Coaching is a mentorship relationship based on trust, transparency, support and guidance.  You can choose between working together with the purpose to simply explore your options or the purpose to reach a desired goal.

Here are some essential skills:

  • Personal mastery
  • Relationship building
  • Creating a common vision
  • Stewarding creative-tension
  • Whole systems thinking and action
  • Facilitation and difficult conversations


Looking for a Meaningful and Fun Team-Building event during the Pandemic?

Let’s make your next team-building event memorable and transformative for you and your team!  

Whether it’s a special event, staff training or simply social time, you and I will tailor your webinar to best meet the needs of your people.  As an experiential educator I encourage audience participation such as dialogue, activity and exercises to help shape our time together.  Your team will have a meaningful experience of learning, discovery and cohesion.

All webinars include components of introductions, a presentation, group exercises, individual worksheets, Q & A, action planning and group reflection on take-aways.

Here are some ideas about content:

Organizational Consulting

Want your Company to come out of this pandemic Stronger, Wiser and more Successfull?

All epic adventures have varied aspects of success and setbacks.  The most highly successful companies utilize outside guidance and perspective to maximize their successes and minimize their setbacks.

My organizational consulting offers you tailored support in reviewing your business systems to best optimize your strengths, implement new options and help you focus on your company’s immediate and long-term needs and goals.  I will provide you with an array of tools, principles and practices that offer you new ways to manage, lead and develop your business to meet your desired outcomes. 

Working together you will do more than survive.  Your company will also thrive!  You can expect improvements in your customer ratings, business professionalism, niche products, employee satisfaction and company profits.

Here are some areas we can address:

  • Embracing adversity and transforming through challenges
  • Organizational adapting, visioning, planning and culture
  • Nurturing the life cycles of your marketing, sales and customer service processes
  • Creating high-performing teams, standards and staff appreciation
  • Standardizing your systems for budgeting, chart of accounts and cash-flow
  • Retooling your processes for recruiting, hiring, training and performance reviews