My Story

John Armstrong

Growing up in a blue collar family in the upper midwest, I got my first taste of the power of entrepreneurship with contracting for paper routes, lawn mowing and snow shoveling.  I discovered I made a difference in the world.  People relied on me.  I felt resourceful, powerful, passionate and connected.  This led to often becoming a key employee for many jobs, and sometimes customers unknowingly asking me if I was the owner.

I sought a formal education in the fields of Psychology, Dance, Aviation Mechanics and Trager Education.  After a decade of studies, internships and travel, I accumulated a Bachelor of Arts, a Mechanics License and a Certificate in Wellness.  I became inspired by the progressive models for leadership and business in Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Company.  I imagined a company of my own where I could synthesize, incorporate and grow the best of my talents from all my various areas of study and experience.   I believed that my professional and personal lives could grow in harmony with the business and strengthen the company.

Full Spectrum Consulting is now the culmination of over 20 years at the helm of my own business (  Since 1998, I’ve had the honor to serve over 1,000 clients, employ over 100 staff, and achieve numerous awards.  It has been a dream come true.  I’ve achieved a company and work culture that equally champions the care of staff, the environment and profits.  I intend to use all this experience to support others in fulfilling their dreams and business ventures.  

Here’s some of my favorite success principles I’ve learned over the years:

  • Communicate with people honestly, transparently and directly.
  • Choose the stress in life that raises you up rather than wears you down.
  • Be real, patient and curious about the hidden blessings when life presents trials and tragedies.
  • Capitalize on the best qualities in all your staff that will create the most cohesive, productive and fun teams.
  • Look for and celebrate all the connections between your daily minutia of tasks and your long range goal.


I’m offering custom leadership development which includes my best entrepreneur practices, and the key concepts and tools to support you in your goals.  Since creating your business life is such a personal endeavor, I am offering education and support to meet your specific vision, goals, timeline and budget.  I’d love to support you to create a vision, improve a product, develop a team, organize your systems, or raise the bar on your leadership well-being!