Custom Leadership Development

Full Spectrum Consulting is a full-service, custom leadership development firm that provides education and support to entrepreneurs and business leaders.  All programs are tailored to suit you and your team’s development goals using practical, experiential learning situations and exercises.  

I specialize in facilitating both business and personal visions, leadership coaching, management training, entrepreneur wellness, and team building for business leaders and entrepreneurs. 


My approach invites your whole person (mind, body, heart, and spirit) into the learning process.  You can expect comprehensive listening, organized professionalism, meaningful coursework, competent instruction, and an exponential return on your investment.  Together, we will choreograph a new way for you to work and live.  With my thorough processes for planning, in-depth work and follow-up we will either meet or exceed your expectations.

John Armstrong

I LOVE adventure!  Starting my own company was a giant leap of faith.  The early years were dramatic with highs and lows.  This instability catapulted me to learn about mastering my own health and well-being and in turn balance both business and family life.  The greatest return in running my own business, beyond the stability of finances and a reputable brand, is how I’ve grown as a person and a leader.  I’ve overcome a variety of personal and professional challenges during this time.  I’ve also been blessed to work and learn with some of the finest professionals in this industry.  I am forever grateful to all my staff, clients, advisors, projects and life that helped teach me.


My mission is to support leadership development to create a more empowered, purposeful and positive human community.


My philosophy is that our health and well-being is the foundation of all our creativity, productivity and success.  We shape how we experience the world by our thoughts and actions.  If we can imagine a desired future and believe in it, then we can achieve it.  Transformational change is more comprehensive than transitional change and involves more if not all aspects of the personnel and organization.  We are all in this together and everyone deserves respect, empathy and dignity.


I promise to be attentive, aware and trustworthy.  I will discover, support and strengthen the unique development of your self, your team, your vision and your project.